How to start your own brand

step by step guide to start your own brand

Step by Step


For some entrepreneurs  it is unlikely for them to get into any business not just leather shoes business, unless they make a strategy and know exactly what they are doing, and it is the most safe way to do it, if you are one of those business men, here you can find a step by step to introduce you to this long term profitable business.

What we will cover


This is the first step to do, you should know what type of leather shoes you want to work with…

Make your shoe tech pack

Bring your niche, or your chosen leather shoes to paper, by making your shoe tech pack…

Make your prototype

You can use the tech pack as a blueprint for your manufacturer to make you a prototype.

Begin the manufacturing process

After validating the prototype you can give the green light to your manufacturer to start producing…

Make your marketing strategy

marketing is a key element to the success of your shoe line business, so having a strategy is key to make it happen

Delivery Process

Making sales is not enough for your success, you need to make the delivery experience easy for your customers…

You already know what you want ?



This step is the most important one when it comes to any business you want to start not just the leather shoes business, and if you do those simple steps we mensionned earlier and noted every data that you collected, it because super easy, all you need is to gather the date and decide.

Make your shoe tech pack

To start a shoe line in the leather business, you need to connect and collaborate with manufacturers, and their language is very specific and detailed, the way to transmit your first design to manufacturer is a tech pack.

A tech pack, also known as your Specification Sheets, gives garment manufacturers all of the information they need to make your design.



The next step which could be the most important step in the process of creating a shoe line for your private label is to develop a model or a “prototype” of the shoe that will reveal the design and its features, ensuring the inspection of the shoe before starting the manufacturing.

In this step we will choose together the type, the color, the texture of the material and more details that it would be used to create your shoes line 

This is where our expertise in shoe manufacturing comes to light, we will take care of all the production details, so you could focus on the creative and the managing aspects for your brand.

Begin the manufacturing process

once the shoe sample is verified  for quality standards and any possible adjustments, and you re happy with your new brand show, we will mobilize our team to start your private label shoe manufacturing.


Make your marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is what sells your product, it is what makes the possibility for your business to work, you need to take time and craft it really carefully and gather every data that you need before you start the process.

Delivery Process

The delivery and fulfillment process is a crucial part of your business, because you need to give your customers the best delivery experience in order to retain them, and at the same time keep your inventory in stock and available for you not lose more clients.



Why choose us

Multiple Techniques

Our professionals are qualified to deliver you the product that you want, with the required style.

Fast Service

Arnex Shoes delivers you on the deadline that we agreed on, because every delay can cause us reputation and can cause you clients.

Very Detailed

Dollars in the details, depending on what details you gave us in your shoes tech pack, we commit on delivering it as it is.

Best Price

Yes, Arnex Shoes has the best prices in the market when it comes to similar quality, because cheap doesn’t always mean better.

Consistent Delivery

We can handle consistent delivery, with maintaining the quality previously agreed on, your clients won’t feel the difference neither will you.

24/7 Service

We are available within business hours, but when it is urgent, you can call us or send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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We are here at your disposal, if you need more information about how we work, or your interested in starting your own shoe line, we can help you succeed !