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ARNEX SHOES based in morocco, with its 30 years experience in the field of shoemaking,  combine the mastering of craftsmanship with the high quality leather, From brands launching new products line to expanding existed project, our team will guide you through the journey of making a shoes line from scratch for your brands


How does it work


  • Using inspiration boards.
  • Drawing a detailed shoe model.
  • Selecting the shoe shape.
  • Examining the shoe tech pack.


Shoe Last making

  • Noting the measurement points.
  • noting the foot anatomy basics.
  • Making the first last and adjusting it.
  • Producing lasts for batch production.



  • Pulling the shaft over the shoe last.
  • Shaping the shaft.
  • Attaching the shaft to the shoe sole.
  • Removing the shoe last.



  • Approving the first model.
  • Shoe last mass production.
  • Beginning shoe production. 
  • Testing, examining, and packaging.

1.Measures & style selection

Measurement is done by using one of two methods: measuring from a cast or measuring from an existing shoe. The shoemaker will measure the length, width, and arch height to create a pattern for sizing purposes. Sometimes they will also measure other features such as toe length or heel width to get an idea of what size may be best for that customer.

The shoemaker will then use these measurements to create a pattern for style selection. This process involves determining which materials are needed for each shoe design and how


2. Shoe Last making

The next step which could be the most important step in the process of creating a shoe line for your private label is to develop a model or a “prototype” of the shoe that will reveal the design and its features, ensuring the inspection of the shoe before starting the manufacturing.

In this step we will choose together the type, the color, the texture of the material and more details that it would be used to create your shoes line 

This is where our expertise in shoe manufacturing comes to light, we will take care of all the production details, so you could focus on the creative and the managing aspects for your brand.


once the shoe last simple is verified any possible adjustments. 

We begin with the shaft, we pull it over the last in order to give the shoe its later shape. The last is modelled on the human foot and shapes the subsequent look of the shoe. The shape of the shaft is created using heat and intensive manual processing.

Creating lasts is a science in itself. The lasts are a product of the great know-how and experience that ARNEX SHOES has collected over the years. Our most successful lasts have stood the test of time through various trends.



Once the required quantity of shoes is produced, inspected and tested, we will pack it in pairs to shoe-boxes to be prepared for shipment to the clients.

The boxes are fully customized to fit the brand identity of your private shoe label, so you can  put your logo on it, you can choose any color and any design you want.

also we will provide you with shoe bags in different texture, anti-mold desiccant and high quality  wrapping tissue to protect the shoes from dust and mold during storage and shipment process, and of course  they are  also fully customized. 

we make shoes for your brand



At ARNEX SHOES, it’s not just about making high-quality shoes that our customers love, it’s also about being responsible to our planet. We ensure that our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We’ve developed a pretty deep understanding of the importance of sustainability in saving our planet.


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