Easy Steps to Make a Marketing Strategy for Your Shoe Line Business

Easy Steps to Make a Marketing Strategy for Your Shoe Line Business



Leather shoes are an important part of the fashion industry, with the United States holding the largest footwear consumer market. It’s obvious why – shoes have evolved to serve not only a protective role, but also a marker of style and identity. and the leather shoes have their own piece and place of the market intact. If you’re looking to start a leather shoe brand , here is what you need to know, to bring your shoe designs to life.



  1. What is a shoe tech pack ?
  2. Foot anatomy basics for designing footwear
  3. What should be included in your shoe tech pack
  4. Mistakes that will cost you money

1 - What is a shoe tech pack ?


To start a shoe line in the leather business, you need to connect and collaborate with manufacturers, and their language is very specific and detailed, the way to transmit your first design to manufacturer is a tech pack.

A tech pack, also known as your Specification Sheets, gives garment manufacturers all of the information they need to make your design.

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2 - Foot anatomy basics for designing footwear

Knowing the basics of how footwear fits will help you in the design process; depending on the type of leather shoes you are designing, you might need to search more. For example, if you are designing shoes for a condition, cold weather boots, or classical shoes, or hot weather gentle leather shoes you will need to know more about what’s more comfortable for this foot condition to design a shoe that fits correctly.

3 - What should be included in your shoe tech pack


After understanding the purpose of the shoe tech pack and getting hold of what feet elements to consider, you should start sketching your tech pack, which should include these elements:

  • Men, Women? Your proposed shoe wearer will determine which sizing standard you use, and which category of design.
  • Size Chart: Sizing charts are different from a country or region to another. If you choose to use the E.U. shoe chart, you need to put it into your tech pack so your manufacturer knows. you also need to include wide or narrow fit with your sizing and at which part you want the fit wider or more narrow.
  • Color: You will need to mention what color you want your leather shoe to be and any other part that is a different color. There are many leather colors to choose from, and your manufacturer can provide you with the existent colors in his inventory and you choose your pick.
  • Materials : There are many materials that you can use for shoes and often you’ll use more than one, not just the leather material. For example, the heel and sole often differ in material from the tongue or lining. Specify on which part of the shoe you want each material used.
  • Type of Shoe: There are many leather shoes types to choose from, so you need to specify to your supplier which kind you will need. Platform, boots, loafer, moccasin, cowboy boot, those are just few types for leather shoes which contain subdivisions under them.
  • Trims : Your trims include buckles, laces, rhinestones, velcro straps, and any other décor or embellishments you want on your footwear. you will also need to include thickness and thinness of the laces, and also their material, every little detail will bring more realistic picture to your product for the manufacturer.
  • Pictures: It is really helpful to sketch up your design and take pictures to closer models to help your manufacturer make exaclty what you want.

3 - Mistakes that will cost you money:


Shoes are highly detailed and complex products when you are making them. That’s why , it’s important to put lots of detail in your leather shoe tech pack so that you can receive a sample that’s exactly what you want. Remember to keep your manufacturer’s perspective in mind. They can’t read your mind.

Now that you are ready to make your own shoes tech pack, let’s make it real !

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