how to do your fashion research and find your own niche

Market research and finding your niche in leather shoes business


  1. Fashion research in leather business
  2. Knowing your market
  3. Purchase ability
  4. choosing your niche
  5. adding your touch

1 - Fashion research in leather business

Fashion market research provides business owners and entrepreneurs with valuable insights, enabling them to make safe, informed decisions to guide the development or growth of their fashion businesses.

Fashion market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information to gain an deep understanding of the fashion industry, including its top players, your competitors, and most importantly, your target market. Whether you have an existing leather shoes  business or considering entering this profitable industry, market research can ensure efficient use of your marketing spend and increase the likelihood of business success.

Key points when you do fashion research in leather shoes business:

  • Identify how customers relate to your brand or brands of your competitors.
  • Know the shopping experience that is preferable to your customers.
  • How and where your customers will discover your business based on your competitors.
  • Spending forecasts.
  • Products diversity.

2 - Knowing your market

When you do your fashion research in leather shoes, you will have a blurry idea about what’s new and what is wanted, you should brainstorm it. After that you should understand your market.

  • Choose your primary market location:  it is a really important step to do it based on how much you know that location, and how easy it is to get to it in terms of competition and purchase ability.
  • Understand its society particularities: You should know your customers really well, their needs, their language and education, look for their problems and try to solve them, and that is in detail, what kind of shoes are trendy for them, and type of leather they prefer.
  • Make a survey to get closer: surveys are not just for answering questions and gathering data, when you make a survey, it is a form of communication with your customers and potential ones, they share with you their problems and preferences, and they add some valuable information that you didn’t even ask for it or know about it.
  • Know your market pain points : in the leather shoes business, you might be surprised about how many problems you might find, the quality of the leather used, the sole is it orthopedic and comfortable, the products they use to take care of the leather without harming the quality… there is a lot to know, you can check our articles to find in depth information.


3 - Purchase ability:

The reason why we chose to put this factor in a separate category is because it is a game changer, the purchase ability determines a lot of things

  • The quality of your leather shoes:  your leather shoes manufacturer can provide you with different product qualities depending on your pricing, so if purchase ability is high you might not have a problem, but if the purchase ability is low, then you might squeeze up your margins, or rethink the choice of the market.
  • The marketing strategy: how much your customers are willing to pay ? this question determines the marketing strategy that you will use and the cost of if, and also where to market it.
  • How do I determine it ? your competitors can be a good source of this kind of data, also local stores, furthermore, you can collect this information from surveys.

3 - Choosing your niche:

This step is the most important one when it comes to any business you want to start not just the leather shoes business, and if you do those simple steps we mensionned earlier and noted every data that you collected, it because super easy, all you need is to gather the date and decide.

  • Keyword research:  the keyword research that you did earlier helps a lot in many ways, you identify the needs of your market, the competitiveness on those keywords that you will rely on, in terms of marketing and SEO. you can use the google free tool : google keyword planner.
  • Use the problems to your advantage: the problems of your customers are the solution to your business, so put them in your consideration because if there are problems then no one in the market have solved them or not enough in the market, so it is good for you to list them and try to solve them, it will give you advantage over your competition.
  • Now decide the ‘NO’ or the ‘GO’ :  After this deep research you did you now should have a clearer idea on what the market wants, the type of leather shoes, the sole, animal leather or vegetarian one and you are ready to choose the niche that combine what you want to do and what the market needs.

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