We speak only leather, we are a manufacturer, supplier and a consultant when it comes to leather shoes. You want to start your own shoe line ?

Who We Are

Arnex Shoes is one of Morocco’s leading professional leather shoes manufacturer.

We believe in authenticity, sustainability and work ethics.
Arnex Shoes offer you the best quality shoes that meets your expectations.

Arnex Shoes

What we can do

We literally can customize anything, our professionals have enough experience and cultural knowledge to make your leather shoes exactly as you want them depending on your cultural particularities, we do private label shoes, and we work also with already established businesses. 

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Arnex shoes

the culture of passion and authenticity

Ambition is our moto, authenticity is our guide, quality is our condition, flexibility is our game.

Multiple techniques

We know that each culture has its own specifications, and we take it into consideration.

Best Price

Yes, Arnex Shoes has the best prices in the market when it comes to similar quality, because cheap doesn't always mean better.

Best Leather

Arnex shoes takes quality very seriously, this is why our clients are always satisfied.


Our shoe maker have more than 30 years of experience, we can customize anything for you.

Our Works

Style according to your way

want to make your own shoe line ?

Our process

We work with passion

From a design to the final product, our process is very delicate and codified, from over 15 years of experience we have made a system that will make your vision for a perfect leather shoe come to life and we made easier, for more details click to know more about our process.

Start now

Make your own prototype

There is no minimum order quantity, in Arnex Shoes, we support startups, we believe that every successful business always starts small, our job is to make easier for you to start.

Blog & News

Article write by us

From our experience we gathered all the issues that you might encounter or the information that you might need, and made articles about them, so that we can offer the best service that you could find.


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We are here at your disposal, if you need more information about how we work, or your interested in starting your own shoe line, we can help you succeed !